Friday, December 18, 2020

Computer Science Week Highlights

Thank you to all #vted schools, teachers, and students who participated in activities that celebrated Computer Science Education Week,  participated in Hour of Code, or took part in events that helped students experience computer science.  Here are some highlights from the week.  

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Are you ready for Computer Science Week 2020

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Join a statewide focus on Artificial Intelligence and Bias

Help your students understand the role that bias plays in a world increasingly coded 
using machine learning? 

WATCH the film  -
Coded Bias


DISCUSS Bias in   AI Algorithms

A Free Screening Across Vermont 

For seven days, beginning December 7th, 2020

Sign up for free tickets for Vermont screening

More Details Here

Hands on Exploration of Google Quick Draw can help your students experience AI. 

Option 1 - Explore AI  on your own using this free lesson plan.

Option 2:  Sign up to connect with another class  for a Quick Draw duel and to discuss bias and AI together. 

Add your comments to global conversation using FlipGrid.
Quick Draw

Machine Learning and Bias

Algorithmic  Bias

And here are  EVEN MORE Learning Resources that you can use with your students to experience or discuss Artificial Intelligence.

Curated by Charlie MacFayden, Tim O’Leary, Kristen Wilson, and Lucie deLaBruere

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Check out Vita-Learn CSE Announcement here

Thank you to all who are giving this a try.  (For the latest results, click here)

3 rounds of quick draw

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Keep on celebrating and sharing during #CSED #HourOfCode

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Join our Guest Speakers - From Hour of Code to Career Pathways December 10

From Hour of Code to Career Pathways

Listen to  conversations between students and teachers from our HS or CTE share opportunities available throughout Vermont high school and Career and Technical Centers for students who would like to add computer science to their personal learning plans. 

Time/Date:    December 10

9:00 RiverValley Tech Center AM

10:00 Burlington Tech Center

12:00 RiverValley Tech Center PM


See the full presentation and tours at:

Vermont Students and Teachers celebrate Computer Science Week

There are so many students and teachers around our state celebrating computer science education week and taking part in an hour of code and beyond! Add  #hourofcode #vted to your social media post to be included here.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Are you ready for Computer Science Education Week 2019

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Vermont Celebrates Computer Science Week

Earlier this month schools from all around Vermont joined schools in 180+countries to celebrate Computer Science Education Week by participating in Hour of Code.  We saw students developing computational thinking skills as they worked through some of the many tutorials on’s website while others participated in special events organized in their community.

Throughout the week, Vermont’s Agency of Education worked with Vita-Learn to create special opportunities for Vermont students to experience during the week. 

Almost 500 students had the opportunity to interact with code using kits that Lego Educator, Bonnie Morrisette brought to Barre City School. The students interacted with Analog programming and coding and digital coding on iPads using activities designed by Lego Education.

On Tuesday afternoon, students from North Country Career Center and Lake Region High School joined author of “Before You Code”, Coder, and Digital Designer Jennifer Kramer to chat about increasing the amount of women and girls in tech courses and tech careers.

Mid week, Green Mountain Career Center brought students to Hyde Park Elementary School to demonstrate how code is used to program robots. Secretary of Education, Dan French came by as he was in the area for the Governor’s Capital For a Day tour. Tours were also had of the new addition that was completed at Hyde Park Elementary School. 

Hyde Park Elementary School w/visitor Secretary of Education, Dan French

At the end of the week students in Windham SE Supervisory Union at the Academy School, Putney School, and Guilford school were treated to a coding experience using Apple Swift Playground -- a platform that Apple has devised for the iPad.

Peter Drescher & Greg Young, AOE, Brian Schwartz, Green Mountain Tech Center, Lucy Rogers, Lamoille County Representative, (newly elected).

But as many Vermont educators will tell you, there goal is not limited to providing students with ONE hour of Code, but to use that Hour to launch deeper experiences around computer science for Vermont students and educators.

Vermont School Librarians, Donna McDonald (Orchard School) and Joanne Allen (Enosburg Elementary School) were honored for their commitment to integrating code in their libraries. Libraries. 

Vermont’s Agency of Education has joined with University of Vermont,, and Vermont Virtual in a new alliance aimed an increasing access to computer science education to all K-12 students. Through this statewide partnership, VCSA is broadening access to professional learning opportunities for schools and educators. You can find more information about this Vermont Alliance, including Summer PD from the Alliance and PD from the Alliance

Over 125 Vermont schools participated in Hour of Code Events this year and as you can tell from pictures through Vermont, the experience brought smiles to both students and teachers.


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Talking about Diversity in Tech at North Country Career Center

Join us live at 2:00 p.m. December 4  for a conversation with students from North Country Career Center, NCCC teacher John Wagner,  and career professional, Jen Wagner  for a conversation about Diversity in Tech courses and Tech careers.

Or watch the recorded archive later.

North Country Career Center
Tuesday 2:00 p.m.

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#HourOfCode 2018

Love watching my Twitter feed during Computer Science Education Week.  It is filled with pictures like this.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Go Vermont!

We can't wait to see all the ways #vted schools participate in the  2018 Hour of Code Events.