Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's Hour of Code success for these Orchard School second graders!

Second grade teams at Orchard School were spellbound in Code.org for their Hour of Code!

Kindergarten students at Orchard School used Tynker for their Hour of Code.

Orchard School 4th grader Elma LOVED using Tynker's Pattern Maker for her Hour of Code! http://www.tynker.com/hour-of-code/

"I created a ping pong game in Scratch!" says 4th grader Ivan at Orchard School.

So nice to have Code.org, Tynker and Scratch all available for these 5th grade Orchard School students.

Students at Orchard School learned so much from Code.org videos during their Hour of Code.

Listening to Folsom students process during Hour of Code

More photos and video from Folsom students

Sharon Hayes, School Library Media Specialist & Technology Integrationist
Folsom Educational and Community Center
75 South St.
South Hero, VT 05486


Champlain Valley Union students do the HOC

Charlie MacFadyen
Technology Integration Specialist
Champlain Valley Union HS

Brown's River Middle School coding away

from --
Renee Provost
Technology Integration Specialist
Camel's Hump Middle School/Brown's River Middle School

Dorset School Rocks the House with their Hour of Code participation

We just added this great multimedia clip from Dorset School onto our Featured Stories page. Thanks Phyllis Tate for submitting this.
Email us links to your compilation and we'll feature them also.

 Click here to see this awesome video of Dorset School students Hour of Code participation.

West Rutland School can code!

Edmunds Middle School's 6th Graders Hour of Code

Yesterday the 6th graders at Edmunds Middle School had a full day of Code!  They visited 6 different coding stations and spend the day programing both on and offline.