Wednesday, December 10, 2014

HOC photos. Founders Memorial School, Essex, Vermont

Anne Pius
ETSD Technology Team - Supporting Learning for the Future
Essex Middle School & Founders Memorial School

Grand Isle School 5th Grade Students love "Hour of Code"

3rd graders at Orchard School are learning about coding from Chris Bosh during their Hour of Code.

"We got this!" say Orchard School 2nd graders on their Hour of Code challenge.

High fives for these Orchard School students who completed Tynker set of Hour of Code challenges.

"Brains at Work" for sure! Orchard School 4th grader took on his Hour of Code challenge.

New squirrel/acorn puzzles in Angry Birds were fun for Orchard School 3rd graders.

"Frozen" activities were a big hit w these Orchard School 4th graders for Hour of Code. Thanks!

Hour of Code in Kindergarten at Allenbrook School

Here is a link to our class blog.

Here are some photos too!  I will share iMovie when done.
Best, Sharon

Sharon E. Davison
Kindergarten Teacher
Allen Brook School
Williston, Vermont

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