Friday, December 12, 2014

Younger students challenge older book buddies for "Unplugged" activities at Orchard School Hour of Code assembly.

Younger students challenge older book buddies during "Unplugged" activities at Orchard School Hour of Code assembly.

"We Can Code!" shout Orchard School students at the end of the Hour of Code assembly.

Google Hangout provide wider audience for school celebrations of learning

Thank you to Orchard School for providing us a window into their classroom (school)  using Google Hangout this morning!  And thanks to the GEG ~ Vermont Community for showcasing the power of Google Hangouts to connect learners and their community.

Hour of code at West Rutland School

Burlington High Students coding beyond an Hour

BHS students coding on Code Academy  and Arduino.

Vitaliy Kulapin, M. Ed.
Technology Integration Specialist
Burlington High School, VT
@vkulapin on Twitter

Thanks for visiting our Hour of Code assembly, Peter Drescher and WCAX!

Brattleboro Area Middle Students can code

BAMS 1: Brattleboro Area Middle School students creating animations with Scratch and games in RPG Maker

BAMS 2: Xandria, Brattleboro Area Middle School student, creating a map for her interactive fiction game in Twine. 

BAMS 3: Forest and Malcolm, Brattleboro Area Middle School students, creating games in Multimedia Fusion 2.

Daisy Frederick

Tech Educator & Site Coordinator
BEAMS Afterschool Program

Brattleboro Area Middle School
109 Sunny Acres Drive
Brattleboro, VT 05301

A big THANK YOU from Orchard School,!

Thumbs up for coding at Orchard School!

"I did the Hour of Code," say stickers on EVERY STUDENT at Orchard School!

Proctor Elementary Students Learn to Code!

Students in grades K and 3 enjoy learning the basics of code on Thursday 12/11

Kelly Wilson
Technology Integration Specialist
Proctor Elementary School 

Rutland Town School Hour of Code Tuesday 12/9

Rutland Town School students in grades K, 4, and 7 participate in the Hour of Code

Kelly Wilson
Technology Integration Specialist

Guest Speaker participation at Monument Elementary

Monument Elementary’s 4th and 5th graders participate in Jeff Springer’s Google HangOut presentation on Neurobotik.

Sally Bisaccio
Educational Technology Specialist
Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union
246 South Stream Rd.
Bennington, VT 05201

Westford School Library Students Grades 1- 6