Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hour of code KickOff

Greetings all 

Hope you have a fantastic Hour of Code Week and that you create a strong Vermont presence or our  participation at 

I've added a page called RESOURCES which is filled with Activities you can participate in.  Lots of stuff to try if some of the site get overloaded.

We'll be looking forward to your pictures, movies, tweats, etc.
Remember that you can mail them to as attachments to 
"" and they will automatically appear on our Vermont Hour of Code page 

Here are more specific  directions on how to participate

secretword in the email should be replaced with 'vermont'

Have a fun week and feel free to reach out if I can support you

Lucie deLaBruere
IGNITE Coordinator, Vita-Learn

Lucie deLaBruere

Google Voice (802) 557 0013

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