How to Participate

Let's celebrate together by creating a showcase of Vermont's participation in #HourOfCode. Select a method that works best for you and Contribute to the Showcase! 

Which way will you participate?

Tweet updates with #vted #HourOfCode

We Video
Create and Share a video clip that we can add to a collaborative video montage of #HourOfCode in Vermont schools


  Book Creator
Add a page to a collaborative ebook that tells the story of #HourOfCode in Vermont schools
Read the #vted Hour of Code eBook


Ask questions or comments,  Learn from special guests or events asynchronously throughout the week using  


Listen to Live Stream of conversations between students, teachers, and career professionals.

LIVE stream from
North Country Career Center  Tuesday 2:00 p.m.

LIVE stream from
Spaulding High School
Friday TBA

Contribute pictures and videos to a this Shared Google Drive  that we can use in the showcase. Title them to include  your school’s name.

Add your own photos to a shared G+  photo album

Add images, text, link, videos, to this Google Slide Show  featuring your school’s participation in  #HourOfCode. Check the

Email your pictures, links, stories and we will add them to the blog for you. Email to

Write a guest blog post that tells the story of your students coding.
Email to

Share a link to a story you created via Adobe Spark.


Or  more…

There are so many ways to tell a story

Send us an email with a way to access and share your story of participation in #HourOfCode and we’ll add it to our Thinks About Code Blog!


Select your favorite digital tools to

Code with your students. . Don’t just watch them code! Experience the mindset that comes with learning to code yourself! Don’t forget to document your learning and reflect on it. Register your school and select one of the many activities found on the national Hour of Code website!

Connect your school with other schools, role models, guest speakers via LIVE Stream or asynchronously via VoiceThread (Instructions)

CoAuthor a Book that tells the story of Vermont schools participation in 2018 Computer Science Education Week #HourOfCode (Instructions)

CoProduce #vted video vignettes using WeVideo or other video creation tools (Instructions)

Contribute to a Showcase of Vermont school’s participation via pictures, movies, or other updates so they appear on our Vermont Hour of Code Gallery and Photo Stream

Click here for details on how you can contribute. 
Questions?  Email Lucie at,,


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