Guest Speakers 2014

Join  Vermont Learning Hour of Code Series of Guest Speakers

sponsored by Agency of Education, Vita-Learn, and GEG Vermont

The Vermont Agency of Education is very pleased to again support schools involvement in Hour of Code Week 2014.  To help engage students and educators over the week, the Agency has solicited a number of individuals and entities to engage with the education community on the topics of programming, coding, career paths and innovations. We have partnered with Vita-Learn and GEG~Vermont to offer this Vermont Learning Guest Speaker Series as a virtual Vermont events during the Hour of Code Week.  The Agency will co-host each event with a Vermont school featuring special guest from around the United States.   Vermont GEG Co-Leaders, Elizabeth McCarthy and Lucie deLaBruere will showcase innovative ways to extend learning opportunities with  guest speakers using Google Hangout.

Dec 8  ~  10:30 am    Bjorn Behrendt and Charlie MacFayden ~ Google AppScript
Dec 9 ~   11:00 am    Yvonne Jouffrault and Kevin Lawver   ~ Kodestars
Jan 12~   11:30 pm   Michele Joel ~ Social Sitter, Inc   Rescheduled from Dec 10
Dec 11  ~ 1:00 pm    Jeff Sprenger ~ Xemory Software
Dec 12  ~ 1:00 pm   Julie Brown ~ uClass 

Guest Speakers

Click here to Watch ARCHIVED VIDEO from  Monday December 8, 2014  10:30 AM EST

Bjorn Behrendt and Charlie MacFayden, Vermont Educators

Bjorn is creator of gClassFolders.  a popular workflow management tool coded using AppScripts. He also runs a weekly podcast show about educational technology called EdListen.

Charlie teachers Math and Computer Science at Champlain Valley Union High School and combines computer science and Service Based Learning using Google AppScripts.

While Charlie and his students will share how they use Google AppScript to create solutions for their school community while learning to code.  Bjorn, will share how he got started with AppScript, the types of solution he has created and provide insight into the process of getting your code distributed through Google Add Ons.

Click here to watch the ARCHIVED event from  Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. EST

Yvonne Jouffrault and
Kevin Lawver  
Co-founders of

Yvonne and Kevin have a passion for getting kids involved in coding through showcasing games they have created.  That passion led them to designing Kodestars, a digital video arcade where kids can add a link to online versions of videos games they have created for others kids to play.  With Kodestars, schools and organization can simply  set up their own arcade created by their students and emerging game designers.  Yvonne and Kevin will share how they got started with Kodestars, what type of code they used to create Kodestars, and their vision for how to get kids involved in coding.

This event was rescheduled  because of  the closure of Vermont schools due to snow

 Click here to watch ARCHIVED VIDEO from January 12, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. 

Michele Joel - President of  Social Sitter, Inc. 

Social Sitter is a young company looking to help students build positive interactions in social media.  Michele is an energetic entrepreneur that has a sincere passion for the power of technology and the ways it can strengthen student interactions.  She has developed her own business from scratch and is a model for young women looking to build markets in the education technology sector.  Michele will talk about her path to entrepreneurship, how she works with programmers and coders, what lessons she has learned about student opportunities in the field and she will also give a short demo of the product she designed. 

Click here to watch  the archived event from  Thursday December 11, 2014 1:00 p.m. EST

Jeffrey Sprenger - Founder of Xemory Software,  a Vermont company

Come listen to Jeff share the magic of Neurobotik, a game that allows kids to design and perfect robot brains by simulating evolution.
Jeff Sprenger, Founder of  Xemory Software, a Vermont company. Jeff will be showing and discussing coding and programming by demonstrating a robotic arm his company has created.  He will also discuss and possibly showcase ways that schools might use  Unity3D software to create basic video games. Jeff’s company is already working in some schools in VT and Jeff may be available to come to a school during the week to teach students about robotics design.

 Read more about Jeff and Neurobotik in this great article in KidsVT

"There's certainly magic in evolution," says Jeffrey Sprenger "When you evolve the robots, you get some really crazy results."

Click here to watch the archived recording from  Friday December 12, 1:00 p.m. EST

Julie Brown, Director of School Partnerships and others from UClass, Inc.

Julie Brown and her 3 colleagues at UClass have developed products to assess student learning and the resources that contribute to student success.   Julie will be joined her colleagues at UClass, all of which have backgrounds in international education and innovation.  From Ted Talks to programming and coding, this group of enthusiastic young women have created products, led international initiatives and come together to share their creativity with others.  Join them as they talk about programming and coding as one aspect of building vibrant career paths that can open many doors.   

 December 12 8:00 A.M. EST
Click here to watch a special  the  Vermont Agency of Education
Hour of Code Awards Ceremony streamed live from Orchard School. 

Congratulations to Orchard School for receiving a $10,000 grant from!

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