Friday, December 2, 2016

Lamoille Union

4 Ways you can get your school on the map in Vermont's Hour of Code site!

Be part of the Vermont Showcase of Participation in Hour of Code.

  • Let’s build an amazing Virtual Gallery for Vermont’s participation in Hour of Code!
  • Let’s get our Vermont students involved with one of the Guest Speakers scheduled online by the Vermont Agency of Education.
  • Let’s get our students to use their coding skills beyond an HOUR OF CODE by coding robots in training for Vermont’s upcoming Robot Rodeo

Here’s are ways you can showcase your school's participation.

1) Share pics via Email  (screenshot of code projects, picture of kids coding, etc)  
For individual pictures,  send an email

SUBJECT: include your school name or a caption to the picture.
For example,  “Johnnie can code”    or “Check out code from CVU students”

replace .secretword  in the email address above with this year’s secret word. Contact
Lucie at if you do not know the secret word.

Pics should be ATTACHED to the email - NOT embedded in an email.
Do not use GOOGLE SHARE.  It must be an EMAIL with Attachment.
You can attach a couple pictures to one email, but not more two or three.

Pics  should appear in our Virtual Gallery within a few minutes.
Make sure you have the necessary media releases from your school.
If you have a student that can’t be photographed, consider sharing their code or other creative ways to share the excitement of Hour of Code happening at your school. (Screenshots of code,  creative camerashots)
See full gallery from last year.

If you have a movie, slideshow, or other multimedia artifact of your Hour of Code participation that you would like featured on our FEATURED Stories Page,  please send email to Lucie at  

1) Tweet pics and updates to using #vted #hourofcode
These tweets will update on the Twitter Stream on our Vermont Think About Code Page.

2) Participate  with one of the  Guest Speakers scheduled by Agency of Education
Contact Peter Drescher,  Agency of Education to host one of the guest speakers that Agency of Education has arranged.    Education Technology Coordinator     Vermont Agency of Education  
Ph.: 802.479.1169

3)  Sign up to help train a robot using CODE for Vermont’s Robot Rode.
Would you like a robot to come visit your school for a month so you can use the skills you learned during Hour of Code to train the robot in preparation for Vermont’s First Robot Rodeo. Up to ten robots that can be controlled with code will be looking for host schools to travel to from January - April.  Stay tuned for a special announcement during Hour of Code Week for Vermont schools.

4) Add your school’s data to our Vermont S.T.E.A.M. Map
If your school is participating in STEM/S.T.E.A.M. activities beyond an Hour of Code ( Maker Ed, coding, STEM/STEAM class, etc)  please add your data to our database and we’ll get your school on the map.